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Healthy Delicious Gourmet Beef from our Farm to your Table

Windermere Farms

Satisfy the carnivore in you

Healthy, Humane, Farm Raised Gourmet Beef

Our Beef is simply as good as it gets. We start with healthy, happy free range Black Angus cattle raised exclusively here at our ranch. We carefully select the best steers, finish them on our own proprietary feed mix, and then dry age our beef for at least 28 days.  The result is something that has to be tasted to be believed. Shop now to see our diverse selection of top quality cuts from our farm direct to your table!



Windermere Farms

Windermere Farms is a small family owned farm and ranch located on the Front Range of Colorado.  We raise Black Angus Cattle and produce premium quality Alfalfa and Alfalfa/Grass Hay. We have an unwavering commitment to quality and pride our selves on producing a healthy, delicious, and humane alternative to grocery store beef. 

“Screw chocolate. A good steak is where it’s at.” 

- A.D. Posey -

our beef

Humanely Pasture Raised, Hormone Free, Dry Aged Beef

Great tasting beef is a direct result of the way our animals are raised.  This is not the beef that you can buy in the grocery store.  Their beef is produced in gigantic feed lots, commonly housing thousands of animals who are force fed growth hormones, antibiotics and animal byproducts. Our cows are raised exclusively on our ranch, in very small numbers, creating a product that is both mouth watering and healthy. Our finishing process includes dry aging our beef in climate controlled environment which creates a tenderness that must be experienced to believe.

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