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  • How are my products shipped?
    We custom package your order so that it remains frozen and delicious until it reaches your front door. We use dry ice and reusable insulated coolers, and always ship USPS Priority unless you request an overnight shipment.
  • Where are you located?
    Our farm is located on the Front Range of Colorado, near the small town of Hudson.
  • Are your cattle free range?
    Yes!!! Our cattle range over our entire ranch. No small pen confinement here. They are free to do and go wherever they may please.
  • Do you use any hormones in raising your cattle?
    Absoloutly not! Our cattle are raised naturally.
  • How is the meat packaged?
    All meat comes vacuum packed and frozen ready for your freezer. We use a USDA inspected and certified butchering facility to ensure that your meat meets all packing standards. All weights are approximate in ounces, each individual package will vary a little from the average listed on the products page.
  • What are your cattle fed?
    Our cattle our fed exclusivly pasture raised in spring, summer, and fall. In the winter they are fed mixed alfalfa and grass hay that we produce here on our farm. Before the beef is taken taken to be packaged they are finished on a proprietory grain mix wich creates the beautiful marbeling.
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